Italian Indigenous Varieties: Bracciola Nera

This week’s indigenous variety is called Bracciola Nera. It grows mainly in Tuscany in the area known as Massa- Carrara as well as in Liguria in le Cinque Terre. It is rarely if ever vinified alone but is usually in a larger blend. It enters into the Colli di Luni DOC as a minor component.

This area of Tuscany is very beautiful and is more famous for its marble quarries than for its red wines. Vermentino from both Liguria and this area of Tuscany is quite well known but the red wines have lagged behind.

I visited Carrara many years ago and climbed the hills of the marble quarries. It felt like scaling mountains. I loved the area and it has always been famous for its artists. Pietrasanta, a town nearby, is a favorite haunt of all sculptors Carrara is where Michelangelo got the marble for his David. My Mother is a sculptor so I naturally made this pilgrimage.

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