On The Road Again: Verona, Vulcania 2011, Soave

I’m on the road again, having left my Milan friends, clients and engagements. I’m now in the Veneto on my way to meet a producer and I attended the third edition of Vulcania Soave. The event lasts for two days with discussions about the impact that volcanic soil has on the grapes that grow in it and the wines that are produced. The day also will have a tour of the hills around Soave and discussions about the volcanic grape producing areas in Italy: Etna, Monti Lessini, Vesuvio and them moving on to other volcanic areas in the world: Israel (Golan Heights), Galizia (Rias Baixas), California (Napa), and Capoverde (Fogo).

I’ve wanted to attend this event since I first heard about it one year ago. Good things do come to those that wait it appears :).

In the meantime, while in the Veneto I have been availing myself of lovely opportunities such as sitting in Piazza delle Erbe drinking uno “Spritz”.

I had my first Spritz this trip at my favorite bar in Milan, Luca & Andrea, and I must say I do see why so many people drink this lovely cocktail. Ha il suo perche’….

Three year’s ago at Vinitaly, I had dinner in an amazing historic restaurant in this building called Ristorante Mazzei.

It was one of those meals I will never forget both for the food and the company. Verona has always been a city that I love. I’ve seen a few operas in the Arena – Aida, Carmen and Rigoletto as well as a great concert by Sting years ago. This past year I have spent more time in Verona thanks to work I do for Vinitaly.

I have come to appreciate the city and its people more and more on every trip. My heart soars every time I cross the Adige river and see these views. I’m sure you can understand why.

Buona notte.

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