Italian Indigenous Varieties: Nascetta Bianco

This week’s variety hails from Piedmont, specifically from an area near the town of Cuneo. The variety come from the town of Novello. It was discovered in the 1800s. Today, a number of producers are making wines using this variety, perhaps the most famous of all are Elvio Cogno and Braida. Cogno’s wine Anas-Cëtta is sold in the States by Wilson Daniels. Braida’s is called La Regina and is sold in the US by Soilair Selections.

Nascetta has people actively promoting it and in 2002, “Nascetta became a DOC “Langhe” wine. In 2010, it obtained the most prestigious recognition of its own appellation, “Langhe Nas-cetta of the Township of Novello,” whose production is only authorized within the confines of the township of Novello and using 100% Nascetta,” according to the Cogno website.

I found this blog post which sings the praises of this grape. Having never tasted it, I bow to others and their assessments. Apparently the grape is very versatile and can be made into different style, some in wood others in stainless steel. Some make sweet wine and some dry. I will definitely find some producers of this grape and try it at Vinitaly. My interest has been piqued.

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