Italian Indigenous Varieties: Moscato Nero di Acqui

Today’s post will be extremely short because this variety appears to no longer be used to make much wine but rather as a table grape. The reasons for this lack of interest in producing wines from this grape which is a red grape, albeit not to be confused with either Moscato di Scanzo or Moscato Rosa, are two-fold. It is a variety that ripens early and produces little only small quantities, not making it ideal. It grows in Piedmont near Acqui Terme and Tortona, in the province of Alessandria. Apparently it makes wines that are light ruby in color, with nice aromatics. Ian d’Agata in his book Native Grapes states that many producers probably have more Moscato Nero in their vineyards than they think they do. He also says they blend it with Brachetto d’Acqui, some without knowing it and others purposefully.

I’ve never had one so I can’t comment on it compared to Moscato di Scanzo or Moscato Rosa, both of which I have tried.

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