Wine Wednesday: Shinopefko 2017 Markou Vineyards from Attica, Greece

Today’s Wine Wednesday is dedicated to this modern version of Retsina wine from Markou Vineyards in Attica, Greece. I tried this wine yesterday at Vinexpo in New York. It’s made with 100% Savatiano grapes. I loved the citrus, salty, mineral and herbaceous notes I found in the wine. Juniper and rosemary were in evidence and it has a waxy quality to it as well. It was nothing like the Retsina I remember from my first visit to Greece during college…a good thing. It also had a long length.

The winery has been in existence for 150 years and the fourth generation currently manages it. They have 10 hectares of vineyards in Attica and another 10 hectares in Nemea in the Peloponnese peninsula. Savatiano is the native grape in Attica and Agiorgitiko in Nemea, they also grow Assyrtiko, Rhoditis, Athiri, Moschofilero, Moschato, Malagousia, French Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah and the Italian Trebbiano.

The wine is made by adding pine resin during fermentation which is then removed. I was so surprised at how different it was then the ones in my memory. I liked it a lot and oddly it reminded me of Sherry. Retsina as a wine is as old as winemaking. It’s origins can be traced back to the 2nd century. Wine Folly has an amazing article all about modern Retsina.

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