Wine Wednesday: Shinopefko 2017 Markou Vineyards from Attica, Greece

Today's Wine Wednesday is dedicated to this modern version of Retsina wine from Markou Vineyards in Attica, Greece. I tried this wine yesterday at Vinexpo in New York. It's made with 100% Savatiano grapes. I loved the citrus, salty, mineral and herbaceous notes I found in the wine. Juniper and rosemary were in evidence and... Continue Reading →

A Change of Pace – Great Greek Wines

I thought I'd take a break from my Italy travels and post this article I wrote recently about Greek Wines. I am thinking of Greece a lot in these days because of the ongoing credit difficulties they are having. While their Sovereign Debt may be downgraded, I for one am upgrading my own ratings on... Continue Reading →

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