Wine Wednesday: Moscato di Canelli from Agriturimo Rupestr – Giorgio Cirio

Cannelli - 1

This Wine Wednesday is dedicated to Moscato di Canelli from Giorgio Cirio who owns the Agriturismo Rupestr. I met Giorgio at his agriturismo where a friend was having a birthday weekend for 50 of his closest friends. Lucky for me, we were including in the 50. The agriturismo was located in Canelli, Giorgio has two hectares on which he grows Dolcetto and Moscato  (Muscat Blanc à Petits Grains). Moscato is a very ancient grape variety and likely came to Italy from Greece. Some say it was the first grape variety spoken of in both Italy and France.

Cannelli - 4

Canelli is in the Alto Monferrato and according to Giorgio was the birthplace of Italian sparkler Asti Spumante. His agriturismo is right on the border of the town of Loazzolo,
In 2014, Canelli was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Moscato is a not always an easy grape to grow and it likes particular soils. It’s distinctive grapey aromas are always in evidence though.

Cannelli - 3

I like Giorgio’s Moscato and found it to be one of the sweeter versions I have tried. I am a sweet wine fan so this Moscato was right up my alley. Interestingly, a group of producers is trying to get a “Moscato di Canelli Docg” or “Canelli Docg” to signify Canelli as a particular Cru of Moscato from the area. I didn’t discuss this aspect with Giorgio and I wonder what his thought are on the subject. He seemed quite a colorful character and I am sure he has ideas of his own as well. The agriturismo also has a pool and they make much that is served on their table in house. A lovely place to stay complete with good wines.

Cannelli - 6

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