Women in Wine Fridays: Producers from Oltrepo Pavese Form Pino Nero Club – Presentation Sept 29 in Milan

I wrote this post in 2009 which is hard to believe but true. I have been writing this blog for a long time. Some months more consistently than others. This has been one of my worst months ever. I guess the secret to having a successful blog is actually writing on it. Anyway, in a few weeks I am giving a presentation on wines from Lombardy for the Society of Wine Educators in Portland. I happened on this post and thought it time to reblog it. Oltrepo’ wines have made a lot of progress in the eight years since I wrote this post. I’m hoping to get a Cruase for my tasting but having a lot of difficulty getting one. If anyone has suggestions or contacts. I am open to them. Please contact me through blog or twitter, email.

The original idea for this blog was to write about Italian women in wine. I have gone far afield but in my heart of hearts that is the focus of this blog. Every Friday, I will showcase a different Italian woman in the wine business. Today, there are three ladies who are part of a new association which is being presented in Milan next week on September 29. These women are part of the Pinò Club, the first association ever created by producers of pinot nero in the Oltrepò pavese, on the border between Lombardy and Piedmont.

Pinot Nero has been grown in this area since Roman times. The wine industry has been active for the last 150 years. While Pinot Nero grows in some other regions of Italy, this is widely considered to be its natural home. Amazingly, 2500 hectares here are dedicated to Pinot Nero, second only to…

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