Wine Wednesday: Vecchia Modena Cleto Chiarli


Today’s wine of the week is a Lambrusco that I had last week at Aldo Sohm’s Winebar in Midtown. The occasion was to celebrate the success of a Spanish campaign I work on with some colleagues under her brand but I have been writing so much about Lambrusco these last weeks that I requested we drink one and everyone seemed to enjoy it. This Lambrusco di Sorbara was from Cleto Charli, a historic producer of Lambrusco and one of the most widely distributed in New York. I have never visited the winery but look forward to doing so at some point in the not too distant future.

Here are links to my recent posts on Lambrusco varieties:








I had never been to Aldo’s winebar and he is someone I have only met a couple of times. I was surprised at how corporate it felt at first but then the evening slowly took another turn. The place was packed and hopping from 500pm on. It was an impressive show of different kinds of people and fun was had by all!.

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