Italian Indigenous Varieties: Lambrusco Montericco


As I said last week, Lambrusco is a subject that is hotly debated online and is one of those topics that seem to have people divided into seriously distinct camps. Personally, I like Lambrusco and always have, even when it wasn’t trendy as it is today. Perhaps it is the year I lived in Bologna, what a wonderful city, or perhaps it is my love of sparkling wine but no matter the reason, there you have it. I am unabashedly a huge fan of Lambrusco. This week’s Lambrusco is Lambrusco Montericco, A red grape that is grown in the province of Reggio Emilia. It is sometimes vinified as a monovarietal but is usually blended with other Lambrusco varieties. I found this winery, Ferrarini, which produces a monovarietal wine from the grape and it is labeled as a DOC. Lambrusco Montericco is said not to have too much structure but great acidity and therefore perfect for frizzante versions of Lambrusco.


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