Italian Indigenous Varieties: Lambrusco Viadanese

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This week’s grape variety is not the Lambrusco that most people think of when they consider that grape. It is called Lambrusco Viadanese and is often called Grappello Ruperti or Viadanese. Viadana is the name of the comune in the province of Mantova where this grape is widely grown. It is very close to the Po and Oglio rivers. Ruperti is the last name of an agronomist named Ugo Ruperti who was a proponent of the variety. It is more often found in Lombardy than in Emilia-Romagna where the lion’s share of Lambrusco come from. It is grown near Mantova and Cremona, two lovely towns. The grape makes wines that hace nice acidity, low alcohol and notable tannins. It can also make frizzante wines and prefers fresh and deep soils with good sunlight. This medium sized grapes makes wines that are ruby red in color and are generally used as table wines rather than wines to cellar.

Lambrusco Mantovano DOC is produced with the Lambrusco Viadenese grape. Lambrusco Mantovano was created in 1987 and the wines must contain a minimum of 85% Lambrusco Viadanese, Lambrusco Maestri, Lambrusco Marani and/or Lambrusco Salamino grapes. I found a number of wineries making wines from this variety, such as that of Azienda Agricola Miglioli Angelo. According to their website this is an ancient clone of Lambrusco and their family took cuttings from the property of Principe Vespasiano Gonzaga Colonna.


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