Monday Musings: Society of Wine Educators Conference – Exploring Cavas

Tracy Ellen Kamens, a great wine educator and a friend, held a really informative seminar on Cavas during this year’s conference in Washington. She had an interesting slide comparing Cavas and Champagne and showed many aged Cavas. I have always loved cava but had never really considered their aging potential before as I tend to drink them young. My mistake apparently. This was one of my favorites from Castillo Perelada.


I love the yeasty, almond, pear notes and the crisp enveloping mouth feel that I get with this cava. It is very dry and exactly the way I like to drink sparkling wine. According to the winery website, “When United States President Dwight Eisenhower visited Spain in 1959, Castillo Perelada was commissioned to choose a cava for the reception banquet, and for the occasion it chose one of its own small reservas. The idea for the creation of Gran Claustro was born from the resounding success of this choice. This cava is made using traditional methods and ages in the convent bodegas adjoining Perelada Castle, the same cellars used by the Carmelite monks to make wine over six centuries ago.” With all Eisenhower had to worry about at the time, I am happy to know he was drinking good wine.


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