Wines from Portugal: A World to Explore For Value and Diversity

Looking back on this post from a few years ago, certainly much has changed in the wine landscape of Portugal and lucky for me, amazingly, I am going to get a chance to see what they are offering now in the Douro. Sometimes dreams do come true…


I initially wrote this article on wines from Portugal following a tasting organized in early April by my friend Aileen Robbins for Gourmet Retailer.

I’m not sure how well the link is working so I thought I would just post the entire article. Unfortunately I didn’t take many pictures of that beautiful country. Many years ago I went on a long car trip through the Algarve and I must say I think I am in need of another visit. In the meantime, I can always taste great wines from Portugal here at home.

Anyway, here’s my article:

The world of wine is extremely varied and diverse and nowhere is this more evident than in Portuguese wines. These wines, both white and red varieties, were the subject of a big trade show in Manhattan on April 1 at Cipriani 42nd Street. Professor Michael Weiss of the Culinary Institute of the Arts…

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Women In Wine Fridays: Adele Tolli-Capela From ValueVines On Portuguese Wines

As Portuguese wines are on my mind this week, I thought I would reblog this post that I did with a lovely woman who imports Portuguese wines. It’s also time to get back into my women in wine fridays and this seems like a perfect segue.



Today’s post is part of my Women in Wine Fridays series. This week’s post is a question and answer with Adele Tolli-Capela from Value Vines. I met Adele on a recent trip to the Tejo region in Portugal. I was impressed with her spirit and knowledge of Portuguese wines so I asked if I could interview her and here is the conversation.

How did you get into the wine business?

Upon my youngest daughter’s getting ready to go to college, I began searching for something new to do. I was looking for something that would force me to travel internationally and might make use of my language skills. I had been taking wine classes and found the information so interesting and finally took the plunge, acquiring an importer’s permit. I subsequently met a very experienced wine importer who encouraged me to start with wines from Portugal.

What has been the…

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