Wine Wednesday: Lacryma Christi from Campania – I Nobili (Enodelta)


I recently wrote a post in which I erroneously said that Lacryma Christi was a grape variety, a reader pointed out to me. Lacrima is a grape from Campania but Lacryma Christi is a wine made from another indigenous variety, usually made from Piedirosso and Aglianico or 100% Piedirosso. The wine above is from  Enodelta and is made from 100% Piedirosso. I tried it along with other wines made by this family at the Italian Wine Week tasting. The name of the wine means “Christ’s tears” and it is a very compelling wine with great minerality, salinity and beautiful fruit as one might imagine from this volcanic area. I’d love to try the white version of this wine. I also tried the other wines in the “I Nobili” line from this company. I thought they all showed the same great combination of freshness and depth, at times hard to find in a red wine.


I also got a real kick out of listening to the songs on their website which reminded me of a fantastic sailing weekend I spent around the islands near Naples. With everything going on in the world, I can think of nothing better than to be on a sailboat around those Italian islands, drinking a wine like this Lacryma Christi. The area received Denominazione d’origine controllata (DOC) status in 1983. Many producers make wines from this area but they aren’t that well represented on US wine lists.

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