Campania Stories 2018: Falanghina from Campi Flegrei

During the Campania Stories 2018 event this past April, we tried a number of wines made with Falanghina from the Campi Flegrei DOC. Since that time, I have written a number of posts about Falanghina, discovered that there are really two Falanghina varieties - Falanghina Flegrei and Falanghina Beneventano - and much more about this... Continue Reading →

Campania Stories 2018: Campi Flegrei

The area known as the Campi Flegrei (meaning Phlegraean Fields) is one of Italy's most beautiful DOCs, including the islands in the Bay of Naples like Capri, Procida and Ischia. Campi Flegrei are on many people's minds today because they are the site of a very active volcano.  Wines have been made in this area... Continue Reading →

Day 2: Campania Stories 2018, Naples

This week I have been in Naples for #Campaniastories. It’s been a very interesting and intense experience in this thrilling region, Campania. One thing I appreciate a lot about this trip is that they have varied the events - tasting with professional sommeliers, visits to wineries in various parts of the region, and cultural experiences... Continue Reading →

Day 1: Campania Stories 2018

I am in Naples for the next few days discovering wines and food products from Campania as well as some of their amazing cultural and artistic sites. We got to visit the Reggia di Caserta, the local version of Versailles built in the 1700s for the Bourbon royal family of Naples.. I am hard pressed... Continue Reading →

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