Italian Indigenous Varieties: Gaglioppo from Calabria

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It’s December, it’s snowing on my blog and it has been three months since I have written a post about an Italian indigenous variety. I have a good excuse, a beautiful three month old baby, but I do miss writing about all of the gems that Italy has to offer so here we go with the first grape that starts with a “G.” This grape which is now associated with Calabria is likely of Greek origin and may be genetically related to the Sicilian variety Frappato. This hearty grape variety produces full bodied wines that are somewhat tannic when young and can be called “rustic” at times. It is used in a variety of denominazione d’origine controllata (D.O.C.) wines from Ciro’, Bivongi, Donnici, Lamezia, Melissa, Savuto, Scaviglia and others. The grape can be made into a mono-varietal wine or blended with red or white varieties, according to the rules of the particular D.O.C.

I have written a number of articles about wineries in Calabria. Here is another one about an organic winery in the region. Perhaps I am due for a visit…

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    For this Wine Wednesday, I am posting this article I wrote 6 years ago about Gaglioppo. I am definitely due for a visit after all this time. I just mentioned this grape yesterday on my IGTV in my Morning Grape series so it’s on my mind.

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