Italian Regions: Lombardy – Thinking About Milano Before the Expo

As I read all the articles about the big push to visit Milan for the Expo, I am reflecting on all the years I spent there and how often people overlooked not just Lombardy (Milan is the capital) but the wines from the region, the food and well, almost everything. I had the pleasure of... Continue Reading →


Il Giorno della Memoria

Today is called Il Giorno della Memoria in Italy. On January 27, 1945, the Soviet Army entered and liberated Auschwitz. In 2000, Italy, France and Germany established this day as a day of remembrance. As always on this day, my Italian friends, one in particular, write to me. I will never forget the day that... Continue Reading →

Nous Sommes Tous Francais

After a week like this one, I don't have the heart to write about wine today although I do believe in carrying on with our lives as a way of fighting back. I am, as most are, shocked and sad about what happened in Paris, both at the newspaper, to the police and in the... Continue Reading →

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