What To Drink While Watching the Oscars?

Despite the tundra where we now live, it will be warm inside and tonight's a big night for those who follow the movies as well as for all Downton Abbey (DA) fans. I count myself in both camps and I'll be hard pressed to decided which to watch. I know I will have a glass... Continue Reading →

Italian Indigenous Varieties: Goldtraminer Bianco, Gosen Nero, Granoir Nero

This week's indigenous varieties are all ones that I had never heard of and first met in a book I own on indigenous varieties in Italy. Goldtraminer as you might expect is a cross created in 1947 by Rebo Rigotti at San Michele all'Adige between Traminer and Garganega. The grape is aromatic and is especially... Continue Reading →

Italian Wine Week in NYC

Two big events in Italian life this week, a new President, Sergio Mattarella and Italian wine week in New York City with both Vino and I Tre Bicchieri slated for this week. I know they are not of the same order but both matter to the health of Italy - politically the former and economically... Continue Reading →

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