Old New York (Fanelli’s) & Italy (Tenuta di Blasig) Under The (Almost) Full Moon

Last night I found out that one of my favorite places to have a burger in New York, Fanelli’s in Soho, had a great wine from one of the women in wine that I have interviewed, Elisabetta from Tenuta di Blasig, on their wines by the glass list. I am not sure why this surprised me but I admit it did. I thought I would order an American Cabernet or even a Beaujolais but I didn’t think I would be having a glass of Merlot from Friuli and one that brought up so many other parts of my life. My visit to Tenuta di Blasig was very memorable and Elisabetta was one of the first women in wine that I interviewed so she holds a special place in my heart. I always enjoy seeing her wines on wine lists.

I’m the one that is short-sighted though. Why wouldn’t Fanelli’s have an interesting choice on their list and why am I surprised? Apparently they have been open since 1847 according to the great article listed above and can claim to be the second oldest establishment in New York City – no mean feat.

Cheers to old New York and Friuli – a winning combination!

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