Saddened by Cornelia Street Cafe Closing

The sun has set on the Cornelia Street Cafe after 41 years in business and I am saddened by the news. I read this article recently in the New York Times on the closing. I wrote an article about the cafe about 10 years ago and interviewed the owner. I was struck by all it... Continue Reading →

Wine Wednesday: Maison Saleya Rosé At Red Rooster In NYC

For this Wine Wednesday, I am writing about a Cotes de Provence wine I had Monday from Maison Saleya. I had it at a local restaurant called Red Rooster owned by restaurateur Marcus Samuelsson. I couldn’t find the website for the Chateau and I suspect it is a proprietary label of importer Kobrand. According to... Continue Reading →

Tasting Irish Whiskey At Keens

Tomorrow is St. Patrick's day. While I haven't a drop of Irish blood in my veins, I can appreciate the holiday, the people and the Whiskey along with the best of them. I have only been to Ireland once but I have been around the Irish my whole life, as a New Yorker and an... Continue Reading →

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