Saddened by Cornelia Street Cafe Closing


The sun has set on the Cornelia Street Cafe after 41 years in business and I am saddened by the news. I read this article recently in the New York Times on the closing. I wrote an article about the cafe about 10 years ago and interviewed the owner. I was struck by all it had to offer and wished I lived closer so I could attend all the readings and performances. Not just a restaurant, nor just a performance space, it was a little bit of everything and Robin, the owner seemed the same – a poet, a restaurateur, a writer, an impresario, a wine lover. I met Robin in the wine world when I first moved back to New York. I went the cafe a few times to hear music, to eat dinner and to see Robin read from his book.  I remember him saying he was born during the blitz in England and his talking about being Jewish in Britain during the war. I had always wanted to go to the Science Cafe they held on Sundays with my Dad where his college friend, Roald Hoffman would speak but never got around to it.  Like so much of life, you never get to do all you want to. Once again I am reminded, carpe diem. Here’s to Robin’s next adventure and a thanks for all he gave to New York City. It’s a location I imagined visiting well into the future, I hope to find somewhere else as inspiring. That’s one of my resolutions for 2019, don’t put things off.

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