Sunday Sipping: Centenario Ron 12 Anos Gran Legado

These days I am trying everything I have in my home – all sorts of spirits, wines and the like. I’ve decided there is no time like the present to see what’s in the house. This weekend, I tried this rum that has been sitting around so some time in my home. I was looking for something to relax with while thinking about the week ahead.

This rum is from Costa Rica. I visited in 2010 and lived with a family and took Spanish. It was an odd time in my life and an odd choice for an adult but I did learn a lot and did appreciate the country’s beauty and the food market which was fascinating. The fruit was incredible and the coffee plantations super interesting as well.

Rum as we know is made from sugar cane. Costa Rica’s climate with its volcanic soil are perfect conditions for growing cane. This rum is aged in American white oak and has some sweet  spice and a medicinal flavor which I didn’t expect. It was not what I thought it would be but it did help me through the Sunday night  drag. For a much better description, I find a great rum website called, The Lone caner.  He is a much more experienced rum taster than I am so check out his post as well on this rum.  Ron Centenario is a mid-priced one, at around $32 average price. Here are some stores that sell it in the US listed on wine-searcher. As I was drinking it, I remembered the beauty of Costa Rica and want to post some pictures from that visit. Here is a post I wrote about that non-wine vacation.

Coffee is a huge export as is rum. The coffee plantation was fascinating. Here’s a post I wrote on that after my visit.

And the flowers on the island were spectacular as were the hummingbirds.



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