Spanish Wine For Summer: Garnacha Blanca From Las Colinas Del Ebro At Nuela

In addition to being an Italofile and a Francofile, I have discovered in the years that I have returned from Italy, a great interest in all things related to Spanish speaking nations, be it the cuisine, the language and of course, the wines.

Earlier this year I had a great meal at a really fun restaurant that is a blend of Latin fusion dishes called Nuela. I highly recommend it. Not inexpensive but well worth it. It also has a hopping bar scene.

We had the Verde Rice. It was delicious and very filling for a main course and cebiche as an appetizer which was divine. To pair with this great food, I had a Garnacha Blanca from Las Colinas del Ebro 2009.

The wine comes from an area called Terra Alta which is in Southern Catalonia. The vines used to make their Garnacha blanca wines are about 100 years old. One of the reasons that the grapes have stayed healthy is the presence of the Cierzo, a drying wind from the Ebro valley. Another is the soil which is a mixture of limestone and clay allowing for good drainage.

The wine is made in stainless steel although there is some skin contact prior to fermentation. I thought it was still drinking really well despite the fact that it was the 2009 not the 2010 and that the blend of minerality, acidity, fruit and floral notes worked perfectly with food. Definitely a keeper, I am craving a trip to Spain.

On last note, for dessert, the Alfajores are not to be missed. I first had these treats on my trip to Argentina . I fell in love, yes with Argentina but moreover with these exquisite goodies.


    • Joanie thanks for visiting. Glad to know you like Garnacha Blanca too. It was delicious with food. Can’t wait to have it again. Cheers!

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