Wine for A Snowy Day: 2016 Block Nine Pinot Noir from Caiden Vineyards


It’s been so cold out these past few days, not to mention today’s white out, that I am leaning towards anything that makes me feel warm inside. The above wine did just that. I had it at PJ Clarkes on New Year’s Day right before I went to see The Darkest Hour with Gary Oldman at Lincoln Plaza.

The wine which retails fro around $11 dollars was beautiful with nice supple red berry fruit, a hint of silky, sultry tannins and a touch of spice and earth. It was made by winemaker Larry Levin who is well known for his work in many California wineries and others around the globe.

His family started this winery and they only make Pinot Noir. The goal was to make one that is moderately priced. I would say that they were quite successful with their quest. Although it is done in 100% French oak, it’s not overwhelming.

It was the finest film I have seen in a long time and he surely will get an Oscar for his performance. I loved the movie and was inspired by Churchill’s resistance no matter what in the face of oppression. The director Joe Wright had this to say about his movie, “Churchill, you know, resisted when it mattered most. He kicked and he screamed, he got a lot of things wrong in his life, but when it mattered most he resisted the tide of bigotry and hate that was working its way across Europe. I guess what I take away from the movie and what kind of empowers me really is that sense of resistance.” To read the interview in the LA Times, click here. 


Lincoln Plaza is closing this month after 37 years. It opened in 1981. In fact, the man who ran Lincoln Plaza, Daniel Talbot, together with his wife passed away last week. Here is his obituary from the New York Times. I, like so many Upper West Siders, love the Lincoln Plaza theater. I’ve seen countless movies in this declassé theater throughout the years, eaten their $5.50 popcorn and enjoyed every minute of the films I was exposed to, even those that were hard to watch. It’s a real piece of New York history that is closing. Hopefully, the new owners, will reopen it in some form.













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