Wine Wednesday: Chateau Cadillac – Bordeaux Supérieur

I went to see Roberto Bolle at City Center last night and was very excited. As part of the Year of Italian Culture he was dancing in New York. This is the first time he has danced in New York and my friend Diane Letulle invited me to attend. If you didn’t get to see the show, you can read a great interview with him on I-Italy, available at Eataly and many other places as well as online, of course.

I was looking for a glass of bubbly after the performance but happened upon a French bistro in the city – Cognac and a fabulous cheese platter and a nice glass of Bordeaux Supérieur Appellation Contrôlées (AC) from Chateau Cadillac. I like drinking moderately priced Bordeaux wines and try to order them as often as possible. This wine was great with my cheese feast. Check out this interesting blog post with great maps by Wine Folly. Cheers Madeline. Kudos to you on those wine tips for Bordeaux.

Looking for information about the wine, I found the website of the actual Chateau de Cadillac. Apparently this grand edifice was once a fortress, as many other chateau were as well.

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