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Italian Indigenous Grapes: Pecorino from Le Marche, Abruzzo

This week’s indigenous variety is called Pecorino. It hails mainly from Le Marche and from Abruzzo but there are also plantings in Liguria, Lazio, Tuscany and Umbria.

An early ripening grape, it is not susceptible to downy or powdery mildew. The grape has nothing to do with the cheese of the same name, Pecorino, other than some suggestions that the grapes got their name from the “Pecore” or sheep that used to eat them while grazing.

One of my favorite examples of Pecorino is from Velenosi Vini.

Pecorino 2012

This Falerio dei Colli Ascolani Denominazione d’Origine Controllata (DOC) wine from Le Marche was crispy and nicely acidic with hints of tropical fruit and flowers. I also find it slightly waxy in the same way that Chenin Blanc often is. It was perfect with the lobster roll I had today at the Pier in Wellfleet. Fishing with Dad and my nephew is great but can be exhausting. Catching baby blues off the pier and throwing them back in was a perfect counterpart to my nice glass of Pecorino today.


I confess I also love the owner of this winery, Angela Velenosi, one of the most generous people I have ever met. I visited Angela some years ago at her winery in Ascoli. While there she invited me to a surprise party she threw for someone who worked for her and 50 of his closest friends. It was an amazing gesture and also loads of fun.

Angela e Fabio

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Wine of the Week: Anselmi San Vincenzo 2012

Wine of the Week - Anselmi

Anselmi San Vincenzo from the Veneto is a real crowd pleaser as well as a perfect summer wine. I have had this wine made from 80% Garganega, 10% Chardonnay and 10% Sauvignon Blanc as an aperitivo, with Sushi, with Lobster and with swordfish. I can also imagine pairing it with a light pasta, chicken or even a lovely Caprese salad of tomatoes and mozzarella.

Anselmi is imported by Palm Bay and thus very widely distributed in the US. It’s also very nicely priced. I found it for $10-$12 in NY and NJ. Made in all steel tanks, it is never racked and spends three months in the bottle. I found the acidity refreshing, fresh fruit flavors enticing and nutty undertones delicious indeed.

I brought this wine to Cape Cod to share with my family members, all of whom have different palates and I must say, everyone had a smile on their face both the first and second day that we tried it.

The youngest member on our trip, my nephew Lukas made his own special drink, his award-winning lemonade.

Lukas and Lemonade

Thanks to my nephew, my vacation routine includes chess and Kadima, making lemonade and fishing. Life is good.

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Cape Cod Looms Large: Summer Sipping


I am getting ready to go to Cape Cod for two weeks on a family vacation that has become a tradition these last years, again. We used to go when I was growing up and four years ago I decided to start the tradition again.

I am so looking forward to all the Cape has to offer in terms of beaches, water, seafood, fishing, fun and peace. Not so looking forward to the sharks that have come to feast on the growing seal population but nothing beats a sunset on Race Point or the dunes on Long Nook so I will just have to get used to sharks too.

As on any road trip, one packs the essentials. My toolbox includes some incredible wines from Italy and I am excited to share them and pair them with the bounty of the Cape. Here’s to the dog days of Summer. Very excited.

Sunset on the Cape

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Buon Ferragosto A Tutti! Going Fishing


Today is the quintessential Italian holiday, Ferragosto. What is Ferragosto you might ask, well according to Wikipedia:

“The Catholic Church celebrates this date as a Holy Day of Obligation to commemorate the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary—the actual physical elevation of her sinless soul and incorruptible body into Heaven. Before the Roman Catholic Church came into existence, however, this holiday also included honoring of gods—in particular Diana—and the cycle of fertility and ripening, during the time of the Roman Empire.”

Actually the history of the holiday has many interesting tidbits which Wikipedia explains here.

Ferragosto for me is much simpler and has always represented the beach, good food and good friends. This Ferragosto I am about to leave on a holiday trip to Cape Cod, beloved mecca of my life and alias a new hotbed of shark activity…That said, I can’t wait to see the beach, old friends, Days Cottages, Ptown and everything else that is the Cape to me. While away I will blog more when not fishing with Dad and other family members.

Me and Dad Fishing

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