Italian Indigenous Grapes: Pecorino from Le Marche, Abruzzo

This week's indigenous variety is called Pecorino. It hails mainly from Le Marche and from Abruzzo but there are also plantings in Liguria, Lazio, Tuscany and Umbria. An early ripening grape, it is not susceptible to downy or powdery mildew. The grape has nothing to do with the cheese of the same name, Pecorino, other... Continue Reading →

Wine of the Week: Anselmi San Vincenzo 2012

Anselmi San Vincenzo from the Veneto is a real crowd pleaser as well as a perfect summer wine. I have had this wine made from 80% Garganega, 10% Chardonnay and 10% Sauvignon Blanc as an aperitivo, with Sushi, with Lobster and with swordfish. I can also imagine pairing it with a light pasta, chicken or... Continue Reading →

Buon Ferragosto A Tutti! Going Fishing

Today is the quintessential Italian holiday, Ferragosto. What is Ferragosto you might ask, well according to Wikipedia: "The Catholic Church celebrates this date as a Holy Day of Obligation to commemorate the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary—the actual physical elevation of her sinless soul and incorruptible body into Heaven. Before the Roman Catholic Church... Continue Reading →

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