Wine of the Week: Monte Rossa Prima Cuvee

Monte Rossa

This week’s pick is Monte Rossa Prima Cuvee from Franciacorta. I’ve always been a big fan of Franciacorta since I first discovered it in a wine class in Milan in 1997. I had never had this particular one until Sunday evening at an event at Eataly to celebrate Giovanni Soldini, Italy’s most famous sailor.


Soldini and his Maserati team are going to be competing for a world record for New York-San Francisco route around Cape Horn. At the event it seemed that they mentioned 57 days as the existing record to beat although research shows that there are other records as well.

In any event, a thrilling voyage. I was so happy to get to the event at Eataly because the wine was better and the event at the Manhattan Sailing Club was totally booked.

I have seen Maserati docked at North Cove where the sailing club is located but I never met Soldini. The boat itself is gorgeous and so exciting to think of sailing on it. For anyone who sails, Soldini is such a legend, especially in Italy.

Cape Horn fascinates me and the Drake Passage and a desire to go to Antarctica have been on my mind since a trip to Chile in 2008, around this time.

I was thinking of all of this while tasting that delicious Franciacorta with all the minerality, acidity and white fruit flavors I associate with a good Franciacorta. The wine is made from a blend of Chardonnay, Pinot Bianco and Pinot Nero. The wine is widely available in the US for about $30.00 a bottle.

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