Wine of the Week: Offida Doc Pecorino From Le Caniette – Le Marche

One Italian region that never gets enough attention whether it be for its wonderful cities – Ascoli Piceno and Urbino for their buildings, Pescara and the Conero for the beaches or Loreto for its’ Sanctuary – or for its’ great wines is Le Marche.

In some ways I’m glad because it means it is less touristy than other parts of Italy which at times can seem like an Anglosaxon vacation colony or a German one, depending on where one is staying. That said, Le Marche really does deserve our attention.

This week’s wine of the week is a Pecorino Offida DOC from a winery called Le Caniette. I had it at a recent lunch at Giorgione and it paired beautifully with my fish and salmon tartare. I actually really loved the wine made from this indigenous variety and drank it happily at lunch.

The wine was full bodied with a nice toasty note and mineral tones. It had both acidity and alcohol which made it a good match with the salmon with just a touch of sweetness in the mix. Apparently Pecorino is a grape with a certain amount of sweetness inherent in its flavor profile.

Le Caniette is a winery with 16 hectares of vines and it is certified organic, somewhat of a novelty in Italy in general and in this area in particular. The wine does spend a bit of time in oak, about one year, so it isn’t the fresh minerally white that one might expect. It also goes through considerable battonage. It can actually stand up to heartier fare than what I paired it with as well.

I also tried their Offida DOCG Passerina called Lucrezia from the same winery with a delicious lobster last week on my return from California. This wine spends no time in oak but it also has that toasty nut flavor that you get from lees stirring. I really favor that flavor profile so both of these wines were right up my alley.

I haven’t been to Le Marche in a few years but whenever I go there, I always want to buy a piece of land. It is the perfect combinaton of farmland, vineyards and the sea. I’ve spent a few lovely vacations there at seaside towns such as Recanati and I can highly recommend it for your next excursion.

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