New World Wines: India’s Sula Vineyards & Wine blogs to Watch

Learning about different parts of the wine industry has always been fascinating to me and learning about new cultures and their wine drinking habits perhaps even more. I also love wine as a means of traveling around the world, even if only intellectually and not physically.

I’ve been very interested in everything Indian over the last few weeks and luckily I had the occasion to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art with my sister this past week and look at some beautiful Indian artwork as well as go to my local Indian restaurant with a dear friend who is staying with me. She comes to visit often and invariably we eat Indian food. In the past I would sometimes try Indian wine but more often than not, I’d pick a wine from a more well know region.

This time I had the Sula Vineyards Sauvignon Blanc. I was very pleasantly surprised. It was crisp and herbaceous but not over the top. It had aromas and flavors of citrus and grapefruit with nice acidity. It paired very well with the food, my usual – Tandoori Chicken. The spicy lamb that my friend ordered went less well with the wine but still was enjoyable.


I have read a bit about Indian wine off and on over the years but had never had one I really enjoyed. I’m glad this wine changed that. Apparently, according to my reading at Indian Wine, Sula was started by Rajeev Samant who basically changed the face of winemaking in India. The owner left the US after many years and went back to a family estate in Nashik which is now home to over 40 wineries but at the time was not known for wine grape growing,


I also discovered a great wine blog which has a focus on Indian wines called the The Indian Winer. She has some interesting posts including one about the different Indian regions as well as who’s who of the Indian wine industry.

India is not yet a major player in terms of the wine drinking public. According to a study I read, only a portion of those who drink alcohol drink wine. Still, it is a huge potential market for importer wines with a population of one billion.All the major players in the industry are there. I wonder what future their wines or those that they export will have. Certainly Sula wines are good ambassadors for the industry.

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