Emilia Romagna: Albana A Much Maligned Grape Variety

I can’t stop thinking about Emilia Romagna. Today’s news of another earthquake, this time deep in the sea, off the coast of Ravenna. Ravenna is one of my favorite cities, the home of a number of my friends and home to inestimable art treasures. Luckily it seems that no one and nothing was terribly damaged but as I prepare to go to Italy tomorrow for work and play, I am acutely aware of the numbers of people in that region that are under “dura prova” or being severely tested. I hope that the earth stabilizes and that somehow the gods of fire who seem angry down in the depths of the earth decide to quiet themselves. I will drink some Albana when I am there, if I can find it in Tuscany, Liguria or Roma, my destinations. Albana, a much maligned grape, was the subject of a long blog post of mine some years ago: Albana di Romagna.

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