The Sweet Spot: Occhio di Pernice From Poggio Bonelli

At the Italian Wine Masters tasting on Tuesday, I was able to taste a few wines and one in particular really excited my palate, the Occhio di Pernice from Poggio Bonelli. I also tasted the wonderful Chianti and Chianti Riserva from this venerable estate in Castelnuovo Berardenga. This was Chianti as I like it, those that speak of Sangiovese and not of wood or international varieties. The Chianti is brought in my Enotria.

All of that is secondary to my feelings for the Occhio di Pernice. This unbelieveable Vin Santo made from 95% Sangiovese is one of those products you get to try just a few times in your life. I personally have only had the pleasure of trying three of them from Avignonesi, Crociani and now Poggio Bonelli.

I love sweet wine in general and the combination of one of my favorite grapes, Sangiovese made into a delicious sweet wine is perfect for me.

The grapes spend four months naturally drying on mats called “stuoie” before being pressed into the luxurious liquid that is this ruby red colored wine. It is a complex and layered treat on your palate and I for one, could use some right now in the middle of this Friday afternoon. The average vine age of the grapes used to make this wine is 20/25 years. This wine was a 2006 release.

My desire to go to Tuscany is getting stronger by the day as you might be able to tell…

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