Hawaii, Pearl Harbor and Sant’Ambrogio

December 7 as we know is a day that will “live in infamy” because of the attack on Pearl Harbor.

This is the 70th anniversary of the attack and many survivors are not longer with us, including a member of my family, my great uncle Murray. He was a proud survivor of the attack and remembered it always. The New York Times this morning had an article about the disbanding of the survivor’s association because of the age of survivors.

Time marches on but we must remember those who died and that day which brought us into World War II and the sacrifice of many, many lives but the salvation of many more, including other members of my Father’s family who made it back from the camps so I remember Pearl Harbor every year.

This though is a wine blog and I discovered today two wineries located in Hawaii that I didn’t know existed. I knew that wine was produced in all 50 states but I didn’t know the names of the wineries.

The first is Volcano Winery where they make both vinifera based wines and fruit wines. The second is Tedeschi Vineyards. They also make both vinifera based wines and fruit wines. As if we need any more reasons to visit Hawaii, we now have two more.

Today though is also a day I always remember because it is a holiday celebrating the patron saint Sant’Ambrogio in Milan, a city which was my home for 10 years. Today is the opening of La Scala, they are doing my favorite opera, Don Giovanni for the premiere.

I found this great blog on Opera. I’m completely jealous. I adore this opera and would love to see it at La Scala. I saw it in 1997 at the opera house in Ferrara with Claudio Abbado. It was a true delight.

Alas, I’m not in Milan today nor do I get to celebrate “Il Ponte” that takes place for the next three days but that’s okay I will try to see if they are broadcasting the opera in New York and I did get to speak to friends in Milan whom I had missed.

I can also drink wines from Lombardy comfortably here in the United States, even though Milan’s wine San Colombano isn’t in New York, I did find wine from the winery Il Bisserino in California. The world has changed.

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