Val di Cornia, Suvereto – Gualdo Del Re, Newest DOCG

This morning I feel an overwhelming desire to be in Tuscany. I haven’t been in three months which arguably isn’t that long in the scope of things but I’m feeling the need to “sciacquare i panni nell’Arno.” An expression which literally means to rinse your clothes in the Arno but figuratively means to go to Florence and to revitalize your Italian.

Alessandro Manzoni used this expression when he was writing that famed novel of the Riorgimento, “I Promessi Sposi.” Manzoni was a Lombard and he felt that to write in “true Italian,” one needed to go to Florence.

I use the expression to mean I need to go to Italy. That said, thanks to Alfonso’s blog, I was reminded that two new DOCGs were created in Tuscany: Val di Cornia Rosso and Suvereto. While I think the inflation of DOCGs has diminished their meaning, I am pleased that this beautiful corner of Tuscany is being recognized. When I got my degree from the Italian Sommelier Association back in 2004, there were 34 DOCGs…

When I lived in Florence I used to visit the Val di Cornia area frequently. Since I’ve been back in the States, I’ve only had the pleasure of meeting some great people from there and drinking their wines. Nico and Teresa Rossi from Gualdo Del Re are among them.

Nico and Teresa are some of the loveliest people I have met since entering the wine business. Generous and funny, they always bring joy to my heart when I met them. They are also very forward looking, having been the first to hire a young female enologist Barbara Tamburini who has done wonders with their wines and whom I consider a friend. I wrote this post on this area almost three years ago to the day.

I also wrote about another wine I liked from the area, Filare 41, here.

I’m thrilled that the area is getting recognition. Gualdo Del Re is a great place to visit for the wines, the restaurant and the agriturismo. Did I mention that they are about four kilometers from the sea. I’m thinking of getting on a plan tomorrow…

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