Women In Wine Fridays: Barbara Tamburini, Oenologist

I ran into Barbara  on the plan from Zurich to Florence today. She was coming home from a seminar in Warsaw. . Barbara Tamburini, the lovely lady in the photo is an amazing winemaker and a friend of mine. I first met her at Gualdo del Re, a winery in Suvereto While organic and biodynamic... Continue Reading →


Val di Cornia, Suvereto – Gualdo Del Re, Newest DOCG

This morning I feel an overwhelming desire to be in Tuscany. I haven't been in three months which arguably isn't that long in the scope of things but I'm feeling the need to "sciacquare i panni nell'Arno." An expression which literally means to rinse your clothes in the Arno but figuratively means to go to... Continue Reading →

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