Women In Wine Fridays: A Chat With Wanda Mann of Black Dress Traveler

Today's post is a chat with Wanda Mann of Black Dress Traveler. I met Wanda about five years ago through a mutual friend. In the intervening years, I've seen Wanda everywhere in the wine world and have come to appreciate her craft and her joy in what she's doing. 1. How did you get into... Continue Reading →

Women In Wine Fridays: Meet Meg Houston Maker of Makerstable.com

This week's piece on women in wine focuses on Meg Houston Maker of Makerstable.com. I met Meg some years ago at a conference in New York and have followed her writing as she travels around the globe. One of the things I like about her writing is her use of language. She is very precise... Continue Reading →

TwitterTherapy – Lessons from Ms. Bond

Yes, it's Thursday and I should be blogging about Italian indigenous grapes but my head is overwhelmed with my first serious day of tweeting, retweeting and improving my Twitter etiquette. All of this was spurred by a morning breakfast with Ms. Bond aka Cynthia who I wrote about here. Needless to say, any mistakes I... Continue Reading →

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