LinkedIn IPO – Someone’s Popping Corks Today

Today is indigenous grape Thursday I know but I thought I would deviate and mention today’s IPO of LinkedIn, the popular networking site for professionals. It was up 109% from its listing price. No mean feat. I am sure they are enjoying some sparkling wine toasts with French Champagne, Italian Franciacorta, Prosecco or Spumante or maybe some Spanish Cava.

I had a nice little bottle of Asti last night actually to celebrate a family event. My aunt Clara was a huge Asti Spumante fan all her life. I wear a beautiful ring that she gave to my mother so perhaps it is channeling me to drink Asti. I’m not alone though, Asti which is made from the Moscato grape, is doing an amazing business thanks to the growth of the Moscato market.

Getting back to the IPO, I started my career as a financial journalist and still follow politics and economics quite assiduously. In fact, I am currently in shock about Dominique Strauss-Kahn like many other people I know.

On another note, I myself have had a LinkedIn issue this week and sadly it wasn’t about my stock almost doubling. My email mistakenly contacted everyone who has ever been in my yahoo email account so, I apologize if I have sent you a second request on LinkedIn and we are already connected or any other version of that. It has created a number of uncomfortable moments this week but hey, my numbers are skyrocketing and I have some great new contacts.

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