Time Out For Tribeca – Off The Rez

Sometimes I'm sure it seems from reading my blog that I'm always out at a wine event or tasting/thinking/writing about wine and food. The truth is yes, wine is never very far from my thoughts but my interests are considerably more varied. One of my big interests is the movies, another is basketball and a... Continue Reading →

Biodiversity – A theme at Vinitaly

Although today is Thursday and I promised I would write about Italian indigenous varietals, I want to write about a subject that kept coming up throughout my Italian trip - biodiversity. If in the meantime, before my next indigenous variety post, you want to learn of a new grape variety, check out Dobianchi's post on... Continue Reading →

Passover Wines – Changes Afoot

Today is the first day of Passover. I had my first Seder last night with my parents and my niece. We had a pretty peaceful meal with the requisite brisket, horseradish, eggs, potatoes and other yummy items. Wine as always is an issue. This year my Mother brought a wine from the Veneto, a kosher... Continue Reading →

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