Passover Wines – Changes Afoot

Today is the first day of Passover. I had my first Seder last night with my parents and my niece. We had a pretty peaceful meal with the requisite brisket, horseradish, eggs, potatoes and other yummy items.

Wine as always is an issue. This year my Mother brought a wine from the Veneto, a kosher one. I brought one from Le Marche, a non-kosher wine. Both were interesting and quite different one from the other but it was the grape varieties that made them different and the vinification techniques and aging that split them apart, not whether or not they were Kosher. This is a very welcome change.

Here is a great article on Kosher wines on Snooth.

Happy Passover for those celebrating tonight.

After two weeks in Italy and Passover seders, I am going to need a food and wine detox, advice welcome.

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