Vinitaly 5: Expanding My Horizons

This Vinitaly I have lived the fair in a new way looking at it from more of an institutional focus and thinking about what it means for the economy, the people who work there and the industry in general. Of course I tasted many new wines that I will write about in the next days... Continue Reading →

Vinitaly Day 4: Changing Climate

For anyone who is in Italy this week, the temperatures on the one hand are gorgeous and exciting. On the other however, 91 degrees in April during Vinitaly is an intense experience and is out of the ordinary . Vinitaly normally lasts from Thursday to Monday. As many people have discovered through the years, Saturday... Continue Reading →

Vinitaly Nights: Fuorisalone In Citta’

I have been to Vinitaly for the last five years in a row. Every year is very different from the previous one, somewhat like vintage variations. Some years it is raining and other years it is almost Summer it seems. Additionally, sometimes Nature intervenes and puts a pale on the events such as the earthquake... Continue Reading →

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