Vinitaly Day 2: Sailing From Italy To New York With High Goals

I’m working this year in a different way during Vinitaly so I can’t get to see or do all that I might like to do but I think everyone feels the same way. There are some initiatives I must say that I am sorry to have missed. One such event was a press conference that took place yesterday during the fair about a sailing trip from Genova to New York that Oscar Farinetti, owner of mega food emporium Eataly is taking with Giovanni Soldini, sailing superstar, 13 friends, 4 cooks and 4 sailors from Italy to the US.

The trip is described on this website, 7 mosse means seven moves to reach an objective. Farinetti and Soldini have written their ideas in seven areas of life and want other Italians to write in their suggestions from politics to family to religion and other areas of life.

I think this is a fascinating initiative and will be closely watching the trip. One of my dreams is actually to sail from Italy to New York. I took up sailing in Italy and still only know the words for sailing in Italian. My first sailing experiences were in Liguria.

Speaking of Liguria, yesterday I was lucky enough to taste some of these wines. I have had much Vermentino and Pigato from Liguria but less Rossese di Dolceacqua. The area where Rossese is produced is near the border with France. The province is the province of Imperia. This area is a DOC and Rossese is one of the few indigenous red varieties that grow in Liguria. The wine was from Terre Bianche, a company founded at the end of the 1800s.

Their Rossese was much more structured and tannic than others that I have tried. It was from 2009 and was also very spicy and reminded me in some ways of a Petit Verdot. It also had a lot of minerality and savory notes. Interestingly the wine maker said that in some ways it reminded him of a white wine. What he meant by that was its linearity on the palate I thought. It went directly through my mouth in a very angular way.

I can’t wait to go back to Liguria both to sail and to try more Rossese, Vermentino and Pigato.

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