Time Out For Tribeca – Off The Rez

Sometimes I’m sure it seems from reading my blog that I’m always out at a wine event or tasting/thinking/writing about wine and food. The truth is yes, wine is never very far from my thoughts but my interests are considerably more varied. One of my big interests is the movies, another is basketball and a third but not less important is Native American culture. When I was in my 20s I was fascinated by many aspects of Native American culture. At that time I also dated a pretty serious basketball player. All of this was brought back last night at the Tribeca Film Festival where I saw this amazing movie, Off The Rez, co-edited by Nancy Novack and Keiko Deguchi.

Nancy has been my friend since I am 11 years old. I’ve followed her career since her first days as a dancer in high school, her love of the Beatles and her performances throughout the years. I’ve seen many of the movies and TV specials she has edited including a segment of Spike Lee’s documentary on Katrina, an unbelievable movie about breast cancer, a fantastic series on Broadway for PBS and so much more.

Nancy is beautiful and talented and thanks to her, I got to see this movie about a young half Native American basketball star. This girl and her family are so inspiring I swear I wanted to go play ball after the movie. The tale is one of perseverance, inspiration, hard work, triumph, defeat, family, love, separation, etc, etc. It had everything. If you don’t get to see it during the festival, I highly recommend you catch it on TV on TLC. I believe it airs on May 14 at 900pm. This is one not to miss and is suitable (some swearing does take place) for the whole family.

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