Italian Organic Wines At Alta Cucina’s Epicurean Center On May 24

Organic Italian wines, an umbrella category which include sustainable, organic and biodynamic wines are coming to New York thanks to Italian marketing agency Wine Dreamers Communications.
Berebio, the New York stop, is part of a larger roadshow for these wineries and will be held at Alta Cucina’s Epicurean Center on May 24 from 3pm to 8pm.

An organic wine show is somewhat rare when speaking about Italian wines. Italy tends to be behind its’ French counterparts in terms of certified organic wines. Italian producers say that the difficulty of obtaining official certification is one the reasons that it is not more common. Another is the perception of consumers that organic wines are not as good or as well made as non organic wines. Nothing of course could be further from the truth. Organic wines are very well made and producers who make them tend to be even more attentive to how the wines are created.

Luckily, organic wines are becoming an evermore important part of the US wine market and therefore perceptions are changing. One reason for the confusion about organic wines is that there are many definitions floating around about what makes an organic wine.

Organic wine in Italian is usually called biologico. This is the umbrella term in Italy, just as natural or organic wines would be in the US.

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