Vinitaly Tastings: Niedermayr From Alto Adige

Vinitaly is tough not just on your palate but on your decision making skills. So many wines and so little time. I often am pointed in one direction or another by friends of wine colleagues. That is how I ended up tasting the wines of Niedermayr from Alto Adige.

Together with some wine friends, we tasted through numerous Pinot Nero (Noir) wines being made in Italy. Alto Adige is the area par excellence for Pinot Nero although I have found one from Tuscany that is dreamy from Podere Fortuna as well. Franz Haas is the most famous producer of Pinot Nero in Alto Adige but others are giving him a run for his money. One of this is Niedermayr in my opinion.

I tried two of the Pinot Neros from 2006 and I think the Linea Classica one was my favorite. It was beautiful both on the nose and the palate showing typical expressions of Pinot Nero – small red and black fruits (sotto bosco), earthy notes and a hint of mushroom. It was also intense and persistent. A real find.

The cru version of this wine called Precios was a bigger wine which spent a period in oak. It too was delicious but I preferred the former.

I also tried a fantastic passito called Aureus from their Reserve Line.

Many wineries in Alto Adige buy some of their grapes from growers and then have some of their own vineyards. This is true of Niedermayr as well.

The winery has been operational for 158 years and is still run by the same family. Most of their vineyards are located on volcanic soil, which is often mixed with clay and sand in some of the areas as Alto Adige is at the foot of what used to be a glacial fan.

The main cities in Alto Adige are Bolzano, Trento and Merano. Niedermayr is located near Bolzano. Many wineries are influenced by the breezes from Lake Caldaro.

A beautiful area which makes exquisite wines, the Alto Adige building is always an obligatory stop for me at Vinitaly.


  1. Susannah:

    I agree with you wholeheartedly about PInot Nero from Alto Adige – the finest examples are sublime!

    I’ve yet to try the bottlings from Niedermayr, so I’ll look into those next time. Thanks for the tip.

    I also agree that Franz Haas makes excellent Pinot Nero, but have you tried the Barthenau Vigna S. Urbanano from J. Hofstatter? Great concentration and complexity – I’d rank this at or near the top of Pinot Nero from Alto Adige.

    Also, the Lafon bottling from Colterenzio is another superb Pinot Nero from this region – very Beaune-like in its stylings.

    • Susannah, glad you enjoyed tasting the wines of Niedermayr!

      FYI to both you and Tom, Niedermayr is imported into the USA by Opici Wines; you can learn more by clicking on my name and visiting the website.

      Great job with this blog, I visit regularly to learn about wine!

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