Stranded…Nature’s Bigger Than We Are

I’m stranded like many millions of other people in Europe. While I am happy to be in my adopted city of Milan, I am also extremely frustrated like everyone else. The good news is that I will blog a lot in the days to come about the wines I tasted at Vinitaly and the ones I tried later in Apulia. I also may now have the opportunity to go to a few new (to me) wine fairs this weekend because I can’t leave before next week… A dear friend said he thought it was a sign. Anyway, one of the events that I may get to see is Forte Divino organized by wine expert Gianpaolo Giacomelli and a few other wine experts. I know Gianpaolo from my visits to Vinitaly but have not had the pleasure of meeting the other organizers. Gianpaolo owns a wine shop in Sarzana, Liguria called Il Mulino del Cibus. Forte Di Vino takes place this coming weekend, April 25-April 26 in Forte dei Marmi at Villa Bertelli in Versilia. The event is dedicated to white wines and sparkling wines, both Italian and from other countries. Some 150 Italian wineries and 70 wineries from other countries are participating. In all, more than 500 wines will be offered for the modest sum of 10 euro… This is the second edition of this event. I missed the first and was sure that the seond wasn’t in the cards either but Mother Nature has changed my plans and I have to arrangiarmi….the most Italian of verbs which means to be flexible, more or less.


  1. Susannah:

    Sorry to hear you’re stuck in Italy. I barely made it out myself this past Thursday.

    Hope all goes well and you are able to return home soon.

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