Vinitaly Day 3: Southern Italian Regions Bring Surprises Such As Agostinella

Vinitaly is a wonderful occasion to try many new Italian indigenous varieties. Yesterday I spent the morning trying wines from Campania. I had numerous Greco, Fiano and Falanghina that impressed me as well as a couple of well made wines from the Coda di Volpe grape. I also tried a wine made from an indigenous variety I had never heard of, Agostinella. The wine was from Vigna Sanniti in the Sannio DOC and the city of Benevento.

The wine was a rich white wine that was full bodied with minerality, tropical white fruits and fabulous acidity. Apparently it came from 100 year old vines which of course produce little fruit. The wine was so out of character for a wine from Campania and truly reminded me of a wine from Friuli, almost like a wine you would find from Gravner or Lis Neris. It was delicious and I highly recommend everyone and anyone at Vinitaly to go taste it.

I also tried an Albana Passito from Tre Monti that I really enjoyed. Indigenous varieties is a big interest of mine and I had written a series of articles for Alta Cucina Society on Italian indigenous varieties. I keep finding new ones. The Albana was rich with nice acidity and fresh fruit flavors. Quite a surprise.

This morning I will be attending a panel on Social Media and plan on spending the afternoon in the Southern Italian regions of Basilicata, Calabria, Puglia, and Sicily. Of course, you can only visit a few wineries in each of these areas but I would like to spend a week in all. In some ways, Vinitaly is too long and in many others, just too short. Not enough time to get to try all the wines you would like.

On another note, I lost my blackberry in the press room yesterday and thanks to Facebook will be getting it back. The world is a small lovely place sometimes.


  1. Susannah:
    I’ve enjoyed you entries about VinItaly and hope to hear about your travels to see Susanna Crociani. Remarkable, no, that VinItaly for two years has spurred natural “disasters,” the terre moto in 2009 and this year l’eruzione del vulcano islandese..
    I wish you safe travels In Italy and elsewhere.

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