Vinitaly US Tour – Market Continues To Expand

I heard the news today oh boy…about a lucky wine that made the grade…or better that Italian Spumante and Prosecco imports had risen 9% while French Champagne fell by 27% in terms of imports into the United States. The news came from ANSA, the Italian news wire. The data is from a report by the Italian Wine & food Institute (IWFI) and reflects the market during the first eight months of this year.

“A total of 11.5 million bottles of Italian spumante and prosecco were exported to the American market in the first eight months of the year, compared to 8.9 million bottles of champagne,” the report said. “In 2008, for the first time ever, Italy exported more spumante and prosecco than it consumed.”

I love Spumante as many people who read this blog know and am thrilled that the trend is catching on. I am shocked truly shocked to find lots of drinking going on…

In other news, I wrote this article about Vinitaly for, a website I often contribute to where I have another blog as well called Italica. I write about events related to Italy, politics, culture and anything under the sun that is related to Italy and my former life there.

One comment

  1. Egregio Susannah:
    An entertaining and informative article on our dear VinItaly.
    Any idea of how it compares to VinExpo? Any choice if deciding between one or the other?
    Last year the Italians were bragging about Prosecco climbing in popularity and now they are proven correct. Does that make Luca Zaia a prophet or just lucky?
    Just heard from Vini ad Arte 2010. Wonder how much plane tickets are today.

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