Wines of Lombardy Events In New Jersey This Week

Wines of Lombardy is having a series of events in New Jersey this week starting today. I plan on attending tomorrow’s session at the HILTON HOTEL (Bentley Rooms), Gateway Center 1, Newark, NJ. There will be a tasting and a mini sommelier course. Friday, the festivities continue with a gala event at the The Mall at Short Hills (Neiman Marcus’ court: park on their deck), Route 24 West & JFK Pkwy, Short Hills, N. The proceeds from the event will benefit two worthwhile causes
the Association of Volunteers in International Service and Italiano Operatic Experience.

Few people know about the wines of Lombardy and this is a great occasion to try them. Having lived in Milan for ten years, I am quite familiar with these gems and was excited to hear that they are making a push for the US market.

Lombardy has a host of different wine areas including the Valcalepio near the city of Bergamo, the Valtellina which borders on Switzerland, the Colli dei Longobardi near the city of Brescia, Franciacorta which is also near Brescia and is famous for its sparkling and still wines, wine from around Lake Garda which is close to both Brescia and Verona, wines from Mantova, from Cremona, San Colombano near Lodi and the Oltrepo’ Pavese.

Each one of these areas is a long post in and of itself. These summer I spent some time in Bergamo and had the opportunity to try a number of delicious wines from the Valcalepio. They are experimenting with both international and indigenous varieties that work well with their food.

Bergamo is a stunning city that should absolutely be visited when you are in Milan. Only an hour away on the train, it has a completely different ethos. It also has great food and nice shopping as well as a contemporary art museum and stunning landscapes and vistas.

Brescia is another treat with its 99 churches and Roman ruins. The city is near two fabulous wine regions, Franciacorta which makes wonderful sparkling wines in the traditional method and Garda, where some lighter wines such as Bardolino can be tasted.

I could go on and on but I think I am going to go to the event first and see what is available in the US market and then write about the wine. It will be nice to have a slice of Milan nearby.

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