Thinking About Bergamo – Valcalepio

I read that Ermanno Olmi died, the Italian film director who made the film the Tree of the Wooden Clogs. I always thought it was set in the countryside around Bergamo where he was born. The movie meant a lot to me when I was first falling in love with Italy. I remember seeing it... Continue Reading →

Lombardia: A Wealth of Wine

When one thinks of Lombardy or Lombardia as the Italians call it, they don't often think of wine. Milan, the principal city in the region, is known for finance, fashion, industry and much else. Wine is never what one first thinks of although even Milan has it's own DOC. San Colombano d.o.c. wine. This is... Continue Reading →

Italian Wine Regions: Lombardy

As I sit in my office in New York, currently without any windows, I am traveling virtually through Italy while looking at a big map of the wine regions. I am also cleaning up as one does for Spring and I have come upon all of my great material from a tasting I did last... Continue Reading →

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