Luca Maroni in Town At Altacucina

Italian wine expert Luca Maroni is in town for a tasting today at Altacucina at 3pm. I'm running over there to taste some of the new fruit driven wines that he will be showcasing. I look forward to trying a great pecorino from Farnese winery in Abruzzo as well as a DOCG Colline Teramane from... Continue Reading →

Spanish Wines Take US By Storm

Spanish wines are getting a lot of attention these days and with good reason. The country offers a host of delicious wines and many in affordable price points. Additionally, Spanish food is also a growing component of the restaurant scene. In New York City alone, I have noticed at least five new wine bars with... Continue Reading →

Ravi Shankar, Indian Wine, Dad & I

This evening I was lucky enough to see Ravi Shankar play the sitar with his youngest daughter Anoushka Shankar and the amazing tabla player Tanmoy Bose and other band members. My father thought it would be wonderful to see this father and daughter duo. It was a truly memorable event and an unbelievable concert at... Continue Reading →

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