Ravi Shankar, Indian Wine, Dad & I

This evening I was lucky enough to see Ravi Shankar play the sitar with his youngest daughter Anoushka Shankar and the amazing tabla player Tanmoy Bose and other band members.


My father thought it would be wonderful to see this father and daughter duo. It was a truly memorable event and an unbelievable concert at Carnegie Hall. What a treat! Thanks dad.

Me & Dad

The music was mesmerizing. I didn’t know much about ragas, the style of music that they were playing. After having listened for a bit, I have decided that this is the perfect cathartic music to relax to after a long day. The Shankars played to a packed house and received many standing ovations throughout the evening. The music had a very hypnotic quality to it as well.

Seeing these wonderful musicians from India made me think about Indian wine, another subject I confess to knowing very little about. I have been doing a bit of research and it seems some relatively big events are on the horizon. I found this one called the India Wine Show in November of this year.

I discovered an interesting portal about Indian Wine and this article from Food Biz Daily, a news wire that I like to read. It offers some insight about the Indian market and the British influence on trade.

Additionally there is an Indian Wine Academy and Sommelier India, a magazine.

What I haven’t found are the names of any indigenous grapes, my big interest. It seems that many international varietals are being planted. All of the usual suspects. I have read that Viognier does relatively well.

I love Indian food but I usually have a Riesling or a Gewurztraminer with it. These wines, thanks to their aromatics and touch of sweetness, can stand up to the spices in Indian food. Sweet can very well offset spiciness.

One thing I have not had, is a lot of success pairing red wines with the dishes I like. I will keep trying however.

I’m excited to delve into a new area and am looking forward to learning more about this ever expanding wine region. If anyone has any tips, favorite sites, blogs or wineries to mention, I loved to hear about them.

Oh and I will be buying Ravi Shankar’s complete works. What a thrilling experience. The spry 89 year old gave a performance that almost rivaled Bruce….What a joy!


  1. That was a lovely blog item. Thank you. And thank you for putting our picture on the Web. You look so beautiful — and I, I look so old. Ugh!

    With love and a great big hug, Dad

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